Shipping Policy

New MOQ Policy

As a professional OEM manufacturer, our work adheres to a well organized production line. Our craftsmen work on 15 tables simultaneously. To ensure our continued ability to produce high quality saunas at both acompetitive price and quick turn-around, we sincerely hope customers can respect our minimum order quantity.

policy as below:

Infrared Sauna Room (Basic Series Products)                                                30Pcs
Infrared Sauna Room (Classical Series Products)                                          10Pcs
Infrared Sauna Room (Luxury Series Products)                                               5Pcs.

Traditional Sauna Room (Basic Series Products)                                           20Pcs
Traditional Sauna Room (Classical Series Products)                                       7Pcs
Traditional Sauna Room (Luxury Series Products)                                          4Pcs.

Outdoor Sauna Room (Basic Series Products)                                               16Pcs
Outdoor Sauna Room (Classical Series Products)                                           6Pcs
Outdoor Sauna Room (Luxury Series Products)                                              3Pcs.

Mini Sauna (Classical Series Products)                                                          50Pcs
Mini Sauna (Luxury Series Products)                                                             30Pcs.

Accessories: According to PRICE LIST

Important notice:

The minimum order value: $10000.00 per shipment(including sample order)

For orders less than $10000.00
A charge equal to 5% of the total order will be applied with order between $5001~$9999
A charge equal to 10% of the total order will be applied with order between $3000~$5000
A charge equal to 20% of the total order will be applied with order less than $3000