Domestic and industrial sterilising equipment

Sterilisation applies to all water and water-based solutions : drilled water, wells, canals, etc, in different sectors such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, industrial facilities, foodstuff industry, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, cattle raising, drinking...

Ultraviolet domestic sterilisation

Ultraviolet domestic sterilisation
UV 4 - UV 16
The bactericide and bacteriostatic action of UV rays has been known for a long time as a purely physical method for sterilising and disinfecting water. It is all the more effective when the structure of the living organism resembles monocellular organisms, as is the case of pathogen germs and viruses. For their destruction, the 254 nanometer germicide band is particularly efficient, compared to chemical disinfectants.

Photoelectric cell
An electronic plate controls the germicide lamps, guided by the cell. The probe shown here connects the plate to the sterilisation chamber.
If the lamp becomes opaque, it loses intensity and the indicators will switch off. The third indicator switches the plate off, and triggers an audible alarm. If an electro-valve is connected to the case, it will close, and stop the flow of water.